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Produced following ovulation. Prepares uterus for implantation of embryo.
Conserve Na and eliminate K. Increase taste receptor sensibility for salt.
Decrease blood glucose. Triggered by high blood glucose. Fat and protein metabolism influenced.
Blood glucose balance, influence energy metabolism, help resist stressors. Fed to unfed state cycling, maintains fluid balance and blood volume.
Influences reproductive system at puberty. Sets circadian rhythm.
Increase RBC production in response to low blood oxygen.
Sends satiety signal. Must be present for normal levels of GnRH and gonadotropin.
'Male' sex hormone. Converted to testosterone and estrogen. Important in menopause.
Inhibits FSH production when testosterone levels are good enough.
Maturation of reproductive organs and appearance of 2nd sex characteristics at puberty.
Increase BP, vasoconstrictor, non-fight or flight organs
Heart: increase heart rate. Metabolism: to increase glucose availability
Highest levels in morning. Acute stress can alter release pattern. Provokes gluconeogenesis.
Acts to lower BP, blood volume and [Na]. Loses Na and H2O.
Maturation of male reproductive organs and appearance of 2nd sexual characteristics and sex drive. Also, sperm production.
Regulates Na and K.
Reduces insulin sensitivity throughout the body.
Increase in blood [glucose]. Hyperglycemic agent. Target: Liver.
Development of immune system components.

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