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Stimulates increase in cell size. Stimulates protein synthesis. Targets: Bone, muscle, cartilage.
Prevents water loss in kidneys so prevents urine formation. Can increase water re absorption to decrease urine volume and increase blood volume.
Female: Release of oocyte. Male: Androgen production. Estrogen + Progesterone production.
Secreted from thyroid gland. Has 4 iodines.Stimulates metabolism, controls BP, regulates tissue growth and development.
Increase blood [Ca]. Negative Feedback mechanism.
Males: Relatively inactive. Females: Milk production, rhythmic secretion after menstrual cycle.
Stimulated by Gonadotropin releasing hormone
Targets Testes and Ovaries. Oocyte maturation and estrogen production.
Produces melanocytes which produce melanin (pigment)
Lower blood [Ca], stimulate Ca uptake in bones. Kidneys: increase the excretion of Ca.
Induce sexual satisfaction. Males: Ejaculation. Women: Contraction of vagina and uterus.
Stimulates the release of glucocorticoids (metabolism)
Stimulates the release of thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland. Peaks at night. Inhibited by stress, sex hormones and high [I].
Made from T4. Stimulates metabolism, controls BP, regulates tissue growth and development.

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