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In blues, name tape is on the wearer's ___ side
Females may wear one set of diamond or ___ earrings
Front of flight cap should be 1' from ___
You will receive a ___ name tag as a POC
Minimum female hair length is ___ inches
___ must be carried in the left hand
The flight cap is only worn ___
___ t-shirt should be tucked into ABU trousers
Iron sleeve to avoid ___ tracks
The only colored bracelets authorized are ___
Front shoe laces should make a ___
Female hair cannot extend ___ inches in bulk
Hair must be a ___ color
ABU cover should rest on head ___ to the ground
Female hair accessories must match ___ ___
You (are/aren't) permitted to run in ABUs
Indoors, ___ ___ is tucked under belt on left side
___ should be tucked in
Females (may/may not) wear fingernail polish
Males hair must not exceed ___ inches in bulk
Front of blues pant should rest on front of ___
Sideburns will end in a clean-shaven ___ line
US lapel should be ___ the seam
Soft ranks on services jacket are ___
Hard ABU ranks are parallel to base of ___
In blues, ribbons go on the wearer's ___ side
The only authorized ABU sock color is ___
Backpacks must be solid ___
Males (are/aren't) authorized to wear earrings
The top ABU button should be ___
Necklaces will not be ___ at any time

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