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First permanent English settlement
The winter of 1609-1610 became known as the
The _____ _____ gave colonists grants of land which encouraged families to migrate to America
During what rebellion were landowners unhappy about the governor's cautious response to their demand for help?
What pilgrim document established a civil government and proclaimed their allegiance to the King?
In what society was the line between church and state hard to see
In 1681 Pennsylvania was founded
During the last half of the 17th century what was the most important destination for English immigrants which influenced the development of the mainland colonies? (HINT: island)
What crop cause the most labor intensive work and introduced a cultivation to the West Indies?
Georgia was founded by a group of unpaid trustees led by ____ _____
These acts formed the legal basis of England's mercantile system in America for a century
What limited the rights of African Americans in law and ensured almost absolute authority to obey white masters?
Unlike the South's, the North's economy was a _____ economy

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