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EffectIncantationNo. of mentions
Casts a patronus36
Stunns target32
Summons object28
Disarms target25
Banishes Boggart19
Lights tip of wand17
Kills target17
Tortures target15
Slows objects down14
Causes target to be fully immobilised11
Mends a broken object11
Shields against minor hexes10
Causes water to appear10
Opens locked doors9
Asserts total control over victim8
Makes target quiet8
Makes objects fly7
Cuts an object7
Causes deep gashes in target7
Repels water6
Dangles target upside down6
Revives a stunned victim5
Breaks into target's mind5
Fills ears with buzzing5
Modifies memory4
Ends the effects of spells4
Open stone witch's hump4
Reveals the Marauder's Map4
Blasts objects out of the way4
EffectIncantationNo. of mentions
Breaks the bond between two objects4
Shows previous spells casted3
Makes voice louder3
Lights a fire3
Locks doors3
Cleans objects3
Removes material from a surface3
Makes legs dance uncontrollably2
Blanks the Marauder's Map2
Extinguishes light at end of wand2
Causes boils to spring up on skin2
Enlarges objects2
Shrinks objects2
Raises objects into the air2
Binds target with ropes2
Heals minor injuries2
Reveals hidden spells2
Returns target to ground2
Warns against approaching enemies2
Explodes objects2
Causes objects to fall over2
Reveals human presence2
Causes charmed weather effects to cease2
Shields against all spells2
Deflects Hexes2
Makes invisible ink become visible1
Rounds up pixies1
Tickles target1
Conjures a snake out of wand1
EffectIncantationNo. of mentions
Causes small objects to fly1
Straps bandages1
Uses invisible strings to carry victim1
Cancells the reverse spell effect1
Casts the Dark Mark1
Wand shows which way is North1
Conjures twittering birds1
Causes teeth to grow rapidly1
Conjured bunch of flowers1
Makes voice quieter1
Packs luggage1
Vanishes potions1
Draws red cross on objects1
Turns object into a portkey1
Clears throat when choking1
Glues tongue to roof of targets mouth1
Causes conjured objects to attack1
Duplicates objects1
Causes confusion upon target1
Blasts holes in objects1
Causes deep gouges to appear in object1
Turns objects to stone1
Puts objects up1
Blows up objects1
Causes stairs to form a slide1
Blindfolds target1
Animates statues1
Shields against dark magic1
Keeps muggles away from the area1

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