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Can you name the Academy Award for Best Actor winner, when given the other nominees from that year?

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Matt Damon, Robert Duvall, Peter Fonda, Dustin Hoffman
Robert Downey, Jr., Clint Eastwood, Stephen Rea, Denzel Washington
Tom Cruise, Ralph Fiennes, Woody Harrelson, Billy Bob Thornton
Terence Howard, Heath Ledger, Joaquin Phoenix, David Strathairn
Javier Bardem, Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, Geoffrey Rush
Kevin Costner, Robert De Niro, Gerard Depardieu, Richard Harris
Robert De Niro, Giancarlo Gianinni, William Holden, Sylvester Stallone
Warren Beatty, Gary Busey, Robert De Niro, Laurence Olivier
Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier, Peter O'Toole, Paul Winfield
Don Cheadle, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood
Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Peter O'Toole, Will Smith.
Warren Beatty, Burt Lancaster, Dudley Moore, Paul Newman
Robert Duvall, John Hurt, Jack Lemmon, Peter O'Toole
Johnny Depp, Ben Kingsley, Jude Law, Bill Murray
Javier Bardem, Jeff Bridges, Jesse Eisenberg, James Franco
George Clooney, Colin Firth, Morgan Freeman, Jeremy Renner
Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washington.
Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender, Eddie Redmayne
Russell Crowe, Sean Penn, Will Smith, Tom Wilkinson
Richard Dreyfuss, Anthony Hopkins, Sean Penn, Massimo Troisi
Daniel Day-Lewis, Laurence Fishburne, Anthony Hopkins, Liam Neeson
Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jack Nicholson
Warren Beatty, Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Robin Williams
Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Robert Redford,
Christian Bale, Bruce Dern, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chiwetel Ejiofor.
Dustin Hoffman, Jack Lemmon, Paul Newman, Peter O'Toole
Steve Carell, Bradley Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Keaton
Dexter Gordon, Bob Hoskins, William Hurt, James Wood
Gene Hackman, Tom Hanks, Edward James Olmos, Max Von Sydow
Harrison Ford, James Garner, Jack Nicholson, Jon Voight

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