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Can you pick the family that these TV characters married in to?

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Maiden NameFamilyTV Series
Jill Patterson
Peggy Wanker
Marion Kelp
Francine Ling
Elyse Donnelly
Vivian Smith
Norma Calhoun
Karen Delaney
Edith Baines
Cora Levinson
Topanga Lawrence
Clair Hanks
Daphne Moon
Betty Hofstadt
Carmela DeAngelis
Jamie Stemple
Carrie Spooner
Norma Gustavson
Roseanne Harris
Laura Meehan
Rainbow Johnson
Caroline Quiner
Kirsten Nichol
Dharma Finkelstein
Sharon Kimble
Maiden NameFamilyTV Series
Marge Bouvier
Pam Beesly
Jessica Chu
Skyler Lambert
Gemma Madock
Morticia Frump
Beverley Solomon
Florida Wilson
Kitty Sigurdson
Catelyn Tully
Fran Fine
Peggy Platter
Louise Mills
Lois Pewterschmidt
Lucy McGillicuddy
Tracy McConnell
Claire Pritchett
Becky Donaldson
Lily Dracula
Maggie Malone
Frankie Spence
Carol Tyler
Debra Whelan
June Bronson
Wilma Slaghoople

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