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Can you name the children's cartoon that each of the following conspiracies are about?

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The main characters never existed/died, and their adventures were all imagined by Angelica.
Each character represents a different drug addiction. Main character; Meth, his best friend; Marijuana, his next door neighbor; Heroin and his boss; Cocaine.
The main character's 'grandparents' are actually his biological parents, who had him late in life, resulting in his physical deformation.
The series is set after a major economic depression, explaining all the abandoned buildings and all the people in 'respectable' careers comitting crimes.
The series takes place in a post apocalyptic future, clinging on the the past while trying to rebuild.
Takes place in the same timeframe as the previous series, but in a 'neighborhood' that managed to migrate off the earth before the apocalypse.
The cul-de-sac is purgatory and all the kids died on the same street at some time between 1900-2000.
All of the monsters, aliens and villains are just normal people as seen through the eyes of a small dog.
All of the villagers are anti-semitic/racist/white supremacists. Their hats were made to resemble KKK hoods and the main villain is a greedy, large nosed stereotypical jew.
The main character is dying of cancer (hence his childhood baldness) and all his adventures are dreams on his death bed
The main character is actually a robot duplicate of the man Claw once was, who was driven insane by an accident and now wants to destroy the machine that replaced him.
The three girls are the fractures of one girl with multiple personality disorder, who is constantly bullied by her older brothers, that she sees as an evil monkey and the devil.
The main character is highly introverted and lives in his own world of imagination. The only other kids that ever enter his 'laboratory' are also introverts, playing along.
Frankie was imagined by her 'grandmother' which explains why she doesn't have a 'friend' of her own.
Despite what their names' imply, the one constantly planning world domination is actually the 'insane' one, and the character constantly foiling his plans is the 'genius.'

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