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QUIZ: Can you pick the correct spelling of each celebrity name?

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A,B,C or D
A)Brendan Fraser B)Brendan Frasier C)Brendon Fraser D)Brendon Frazer
A)Gisele Bündchen B)Giselle Bünchen C)Gizele Bündchen D)Gisele Bünshin
A)Quvenzhané Wallace B)Quavenzinay Wallis C)Quvenzhané Wallis D)Quavenzinay Wallace
A)Paul Giamati B)Paul Giamotti C)Paul Giammati D)Paul Giamatti
A)Rusell Crow B)Russel Crowe C)Russell Crow D)Russell Crowe
A)Rein Wilson B)Rain Wilson C)Reign Wilson D)Rainn Wilson
A)Mayim Bialik B)Miam Byalik C)Mayam Bialik D)Mayim Byalik
A) John Ham B)Jon Hamm C)Jon Ham D)John Hamm
A)Chiwitel Ejiofor B)Chiwetel Ejiofor C)Chewitel Ijiofor D)Chewetel Ejiofor
A)Willem Defoe B)Willam Dafoe C)Willem Dafoe D)Willam Defoe
A)Zoe Deschanel B)Zoey Deshanel C) Zooey Deschanel D)Zoey Deschanel
A)Quentin Tarantino B)Quenton Tarentino C)Quentin Tarentino D)Quenton Tarantino
A)Arnold Schwartzennegger B)Arnold Schwarzenegger C)Arnold Schwarzaneger D)Arnold Schwartzeneger
A)Matthew McConaughey B)Matthew MacConnahey C)Matthew MacConaughey D)Matthew McConnaughey
A)Scarlett Johanson B)Scarlet Johansen C)Scarlet Johansson D)Scarlett Johansson
A)Mary Anne Rajskub B)Mary Lynn Rajskub C) Marylin Rice-Cubb D)Marylin Rajskub
A)Clarke Greg B)Clark Greg C)Clarke Gregg D)Clark Gregg
A)Djimon Hunsu B)Digimon Hounsou C)Djimon Hounsou D)Djiman Hoonsou
A)Freddy Prince, Jr. B)Freddy Prinze, Jr. C)Freddie Prinze, Jr. D)Freddie Prince, Jr.
A)Janine Garofalo B)Janeane Garofalo C)Janeane Gerafallo D)Janine Garuffalo

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