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Can you name the heroes and villains from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow when given their civilian identity?

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Secret IdentityHero/Villain
Slade Wilson
Harrison Wells
Ray Palmer
Malcolm Merlyn
Kara Danvers
Martin Stein
Amaya Jiwe
Ronnie Raymond
Cisco Ramone
Nate Heywood
John Diggle
Lisa Snart
Clark Kent
Sara Lance
Rene Ramirez
Adrian Chase
Leonard Snart
Tatsu Yamashiro
Rory Regan
Mick Rory
Secret IdentityHero/Villain
Roy Harper
Curtis Holt
Ted Grant
Evelyn Sharp
Oliver Queen
Jefferson Jackson
James Olsen
Caitlin Snow
Carter Hall
Felicity Smoak
Kendra Saunders
Barry Allen
Hank Henshaw
Jay Garrick
Thea Queen
Dinah Drake
Laurel Lance
Julian Albert
Wally West
Megan Morse

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