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Can you name the film that marks the first time these actor/director duos collaborated?

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Actor/DirectorFirst Film# of collabs
Toshiro Mifune/Akira Kurosawa16 Films
Danny Trejo/Robert Rodriguez10 Films
Johnny Depp/Tim Burton9 Films
Ethan Hawke/Richard Linklater8 Films
Adam Sandler/Dennis Dugan8 Films
Robert DeNiro/Martin Scorsese8 Films
Diane Keaton/Woody Allen7 Films
Bill Murray/Wes Anderson7 Films
Helena Bonham Carter/Tim Burton7 Films
Dan Aykroyd/John Landis7 Films
Matt Damon/Steven Soderbergh7 Films
Jack Lemmon/Billy Wilder7 Films
Ben Affleck/Kevin Smith6 Films
Owen Wilson/Wes Anderson6 Films
Dom De Louise/Mel Brooks6 Films
John Goodman/Joel and Ethan Coen6 Films
Alec Guinness/David Lean6 Films
Michael Caine/Christopher Nolan6 Films
Phillip Seymour Hoffman/Paul Thomas Anderson5 Films
Robert Duvall/Francis Ford Coppola5 Films
Actor/DirectorFirst Film# of collabs
Tom Hanks/Ron Howard5 Films
John Ratzenberger/John Lasseter5 Films
Will Ferrell/Adam Mckay5 Films
Kiefer Sutherland/Joel Schumacher5 Films
Leonardo DiCaprio/Martin Scorsese5 Films
Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott5 Films
Samuel L. Jackson/Quentin Tarantino5 Films
Paul Rudd/David Wain5 Films
Klaus Kinski/Werner Herzog5 Films
Chow-Yun Fat/John Woo5 Films
Harry Dean Stanton/David Lynch4 Films
Humphrey Bogart/John Huston4 Films
James Stewart/Alfred Hitchcock4 Films
Leslie Mann/Judd Apatow4 Films
Bill Paxton/James Cameron4 Films
Michael Palin/Terry Gilliam4 Films
Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright3 Films
Tom Hanks/Robert Zemeckis3 Films
Marlon Brando/Elia Kazan3 Films
Brad Pitt/David Fincher3 Films

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