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Main Character of the Dragon Ball Universe
Main Character's Eldest Son
Main Character's Youngest Son
Main Character's Wife
Main Character's Best Friend
Original Guardian of the Earth
Namekian Healer/New Guardian
Three Eyed Human
Three Eyed Man's Best Friend
Desert Bandit
Turtle Hermit
Turtle Hermit's Sister
Crane Hermit
Crane Hermit's Brother
Desert Bandit's Pet
Perverted Shapeshifter
Super Namek
Strongest Namekian Warrior
Namekian Eternal Dragon
Earth's Eternal Dragon
Legendary Super Saiyan
Indian Fighter
Bibidi's Creation
Demon King
Prince of all Saiyans
Main Character's Brother
Champion of the World
Champ's Daughter
Main Character's Granddaughter
Prince of all Saiyans' Wife
Prince of all Saiyans' Son
Prince of all Saiyans' Daughter
Homosexual Member of the Red Ribbon Army
Mai and Shu's Boss
3-Eyed Man's Love Interest
Mountain Man
Senzu Bean Farmer
Dead Zone inhabitant
Main Character's Son's Friend Dragon
Destroyer of the Saiyans
Jeice's Captain
Lord Don Kee's Bodyguard
Bald Fighter's Wife
Bald Fighter's Daughter
Ultimate Android
Leader of the Galaxy Soldiers
Final Evil Shadow Dragon
Machine Companion from GT
Main Character's Other World Trainer
Strongest Fighter in Other World
Main Character's Father
Fortuneteller's Second Strongest Warrior
Boss of the Ogres
Majin's Human Reincarnation
Earth's Guardian's Assistant
Main Character's Father-in-law
Ruler of the Eastern Quadrant of the Universe
Ruler of the Eastern Quadrant of the Universe's Bodyguard
Champ and Majin's Dog
Tuffle Parasite

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