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Can you name the stages in Dynasty Warriors 5?

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180Dong Zhuo vs. Yellow Turbans
180Yuan Shao vs. Yellow Turbans
181Dong Zhuo vs. Allied
182Meng Huo vs. Allied
183Yellow Turbans vs. Nanman
184Han vs. Yellow Turbans
191Allied vs. Dong Zhuo
191Allied vs. Dong Zhuo
192Yuan Shao vs. Gongsun Zan
192Sun Jian vs. Liu Biao
197Sun Ce vs. Allied
197Cao Cao vs. Zhang Xiu
198Cao Cao vs. Lu Bu
200Cao Cao vs. Yuan Shao
200Guan Yu vs. Cao Cao
200Sun Ce vs. Yu Ji
208Sun Quan vs. Huang Zu
208Liu Bei vs. Cao Cao
208Allied vs. Cao Cao
208Allied vs. Cao Cao
211Cao Cao vs. Allied
214Liu Bei vs., Liu Zhang
215Wei vs. Wu
215Wu vs. Nanman
219Shu vs. Wei
219Allied vs. Shu
222Shu vs. Wu
225Shu vs. Nanman
227Shu vs. Wei
228Shu vs. Wei
229Shu vs. Wei
234Wei vs. Wu
234Shu vs. Wu
234Shu vs. Wei

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