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Can you name the following words that contain all five vowels (A, E, I, O, U)?

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DefinitionWord# of letters
One who loves music or high-fidelity sound10
To empower; to formally sanction or allow9
A wheeled passenger vehicle, e.g. a car or bus10
To exchange information or thoughts; make known 11
Following as an effect or result; important13
Conversation between two or more people8
To frown upon; to obstruct by opposition10
Knowledge gained in school, or the act of gaining it9
In mathematics, a statement that two things are the same8
An exaggerated feeling of happiness or confidence8
Removal of people from a city for safety reasons10
Not meant to be taken seriously or literally; amusing9
To implant an antigen to stimulate disease resistance9
Lung illness causing shortness of breath and fever9
Unstable or unbalanced; perilous; uncertain10
A measure taken in advance to avert possible evil10
A law or rule meant to control conduct10
A tall, coniferous tree with reddish bark7
At the same time; concurrent12
A handheld percussion instrument with metal jingles10

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