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Can you name the Star Wars planets and moons?

Quiz Updated Jan 5, 2016

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Arctic wastelandEpsiode V
Swamp world, Yoda's adopted homeEpisodes V and VI
Obliterated by the first Death Star, home of Princess LeiaEpsiode IV
Desert planet, home planet of Anakin SkywalkerEpisodes I, II IV & VI
Forested world of giant trees, home to the EwoksEpsiode VI
Ocean planet, Army of the Republic was generated hereEpisode II
Marsh-like planet, home planet of Padmé AmidalaEpisodes I and II
City planet, capital of the Old RepublicEpisodes I II, III & VI
Cloud planet, home to Cloud City and Lando CalrissianEpisode V
Wookiee Planet CEpisode III
Volcanic backdrop for the epic duel between Kenobi & SkywalkerEpisode III
Home to the Rebel Alliance's main military baseEpisode IV
Desert planet, home of Rey and Unkar PluttEpisode VII
New Republic's base of operations, destroyed by StarkillerEpisode VII
Lush green planet home to Maz Kanata's castleEpisode VII
Rocky, watery planet on which hermit Luke is hidingEpisode VII

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