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If you're havin' girl problems, I feel bad for you, son
To all the ladies in the place with style and grace
All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a poom-poom
What's up darlin', I been keeping my eye on your movement
Me, I'm supa fly, supa dupa fly
All you Trekkies and TV addicts, don't mean to dis, don't mean to bring static
I gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly
Ya'll know me, still the same ol' G, but I been low key
Clap your hands everybody, if you got what it takes
Inslumnational, underground, thunder pounds when I stomp the ground
Go shorty, it's your birthday, we gonna party like it's your birthday
I said a-hip hop, the hippie to the hippie, to the hip hip hop, a' you don't stop
Who you tryin' to get crazy with, ese? Don't you know I'm loco?
They see me rollin', they hatin'
This speech is my recital, I think it's very vital, to rock a rhyme that's right on time
Hmmm, I'm going down down baby, yo' street in a Range Rover
Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin, I came to win, battle me, that's a sin
Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me mirror, what is wrong?
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I take a look at my life and realize there's nothing left
1989, the number another summer (get down), sound of the funky drummer
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