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Updated May 15, 2012

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Towards the stern of the vessel.
The front of a ship.
Structure above the weather deck which houses a command center
When a vessel lists too far and rolls over.
The helmsman or crew member in command of a boat.
Six feet.
Towards the bow of the vessel.
The kitchen of the vessel.
Movable bridge used in boarding/leaving a ship at a pier.
The toilet or latrine of a vessel.
Direction in which a vessel's bow is pointing.
The main body of a vessel.
The central structural basis of the hull.
Unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour.
A unit of length, normally equal to three nautical miles.
The vessel's angle of lean or tilt to one side.
To secure a vessel to a buoy or a pier.
The left side of the vessel looking forward
The system of masts & lines on sailing vessels.
The captain of a ship and Gilligan's friend.
A sudden, violent wind often accompanied by rain.
The right side of the vessel when looking forward.
The rear part of a ship.
A vessel's motion rotating about the vertical axis e.g. from side to side.

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