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Can you name all the lyrics to the TV theme for 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air'?

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Now this is a ___
all about ___,
My life got ___
___ upside down,
And I'd like to ___
a ___, just
___ right there,
I'll ___ you how I
became the ___
of a ___ called Bel-Air
In West ___
born and ___
On the ___ is where
I __ most of my days.
Chillin' out, ___,
relaxin' all ___,
and all ___
some ___
___ of the school.
When a ___ of guys
who were up to no ___
Started makin' ___
in my ___.
I got in one ___ fight
and my mom got ___,
And said 'You're ___
with your ___
and ___ in Bel-Air.'
I ___ for a cab,
and when it came ___,
The license ___
said '___' and it
had ___ in the mirror.
If ___ I could say
that this cab was ___,
But I __ 'Nah,
___ it. Yo,
___ to Bel-Air.'
I ___ up to the
___ about 7
or 8 and I ___
to the ___
Yo, homes, ___
ya ___.'
Looked at my ___
I was ___ there,
To sit on my ___
as the Prince of ___.

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