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Can you name the well known dogs from the clues below?

Quiz Updated Jan 12, 2012

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HintDog Name
The Jetsons
2008 Owen Wilson & Jennifer Aniston movie dog
Sesame Street
The Muppet Show
Stephen King Novel
Family Guy
Mythological three headed dragon tailed dog
Full House
The Flintstones
Back to the Future
The Big Red Dog
The Simpsons
King of the Hill
Blue Peter (Border Collie)
He's the Crime Dog
HintDog Name
Stimpy's Pal
Hanna-Barbera (Shaggy's Best Friend)
Fred Gipson Novel
Budweiser Beer Mascot
Dorothy's Dog in Wizard of Oz
Jack London's Half-wolf, half-husky
Timmy's Dog who always saved the day
1992 Film Staring Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt
2008 Disney cartoon voiced by John Travolta
Fraggle Rock
Joe Camp's 1974 dog movie
German Shepherd from 'The Man From Hell's River'
The Thin Man
Doctor Who
Mickey Mouse
Wallace and ...

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