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Can you name words the begin and end with 'H'?

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Praise Yahweh for this often covered Leonard Cohen song
Unpleasantly coarse or disagreeable to the senses
An intuitive feeling might help you answer this one
SHHHHH!! I am trying to watch this 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow movie
To fasten temporarily or a 2005 Will Smith movie
Divine hero in Greek mythology or a bulbous Mediterranean plant
Children's playground game involving skipping and squares
An opening as in the deck of a ship
Nonsense; ridiculous speech or writing
A type of will written in your own hand, if only it were in 3-D
A brick or stone lined fireplace or oven
Lebanon based Shi'a Islamist political and paramilitary organization
This plant is grated, mixed with vinegar and cream and great on a sandwich
Instrument for smoking tobacco sometimes called a waterpipe
The overall condition of an organism, here's to yours
Writing system using picture symbols e.g. used in ancient Egypt

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