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Can you name the book titles in the 87th Precinct series by Ed McBain?

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Three 87th Precinct detectives are murdered in quick succession.1956
Patrolman Bert Kling has a personal reason to go after a girl's murderer.1956
The fingerprints on the hypodermic syringe at a 'suicide' victim's feet are not his.1956
A trickster takes money from an old woman for his own private charity.1957
Detective Roger Haviland lies face up, a shard of glass piercing his jugular.1957
Sy Kramer, a notorious blackmailer, is found with a bullet in his head.1958
'I will kill the Lady tonight at 8. What can you do about it?'1958
Determined to kill Carella, Virginia Dodge takes hostages at the 87th Precinct.1959
Tommy and Angela's wedding party becomes a deadly game for Steve and the boys of the 87th. 1959
The kidnappers want Douglas King's son but get his chauffeur's son instead.1959
The mystery man is leaving blood-red severed hands all over the city.1960
The Deaf Man makes anonymous phone calls. Then a brutal homicide hits the papers.1960
Murderer Pepe Miranda is holed up and cheered on by every neighborhood punk.1960
A multiple murder in a bookshop. Four dead, including Bert Kling's fiancee.1961
Claudia Davis is young, rich, and dead. A book of cancelled checks is the only lead.1962
An obviously a lovers' double suicide seems too neat.1962
Anyone in the vast city could be a sniper, and anyone could be a victim.1963
An 80 years old janitor is found murdered. He has an ax stuck in his head.1964
A country man comes to the city to sell his carvings and tell about a very old corpse.1964
What the detectives really need to find is a little doll.1965
Viewers love comedian Stan Gifford. Everyone who works for him wants him dead.1966
Twice outfoxed by the Deaf Man, the detectives try to find who shot the commissioner dead.1968
Walter Damascus likes his women well off, well built, and dead, along with their husbands.1969
The odd-shaped snapshot found in a dead man's hand is a piece of puzzle worth 750 grand.1970
A dancer is killed, a church bombed, a local resident murdered, and Andy Parker shot.1971
The victim has a knife in her chest. The husband is glad, and doesn't hide it.1972
'I'm going to steal $500,000 on the last day of April,' writes the Deaf Man.1972
Carella and Kling set out to end the racial warfare that left six teenagers dead.1973
Cash-related crimes link a prostitute's death, a warehouse fire, and a redevelopment deal.1974
A psycho kills the cousin of a 15 year old girl in front of her eyes.1975
When Bert Kling's wedding reception is over, someone snatches his bride.1976
Carella and Meyer on the double homicide of a blind couple.1977
The same .38 is used to grease a calypso singer and a prostitute.1979
Occult writer Gregory Craig suffers 20 frenzied knife wounds. Ghosts are blamed.1980
Even suicides don't turn the air-conditioning off on the hottest night of the year.1981
In the deep chill of winter, the boys learn about a multimillion-dollar showbiz scam.1983
A murderer leaves one pretty coed after another dangling from the city's lampposts.1984
The Deaf Man counts down the days, luring the detectives with a series of cryptic clues.1985
Detective Hal Willis falls in love and live with a beautiful, wealthy murder suspect.1987
A multi-crime Halloween story featuring all the cops from the 87th Precinct.1987
On New Year's Eve, Carella and Meyer lands a case of a murdered infant.1989
The bizarre case of murdered priest and a parish torn apart by the deadliest of sins.1990
In summer, the brutal slaying of a lawyer and his 22-year-old mistress heats up.1991
Certain of someone trying to kill her, Emma Bowles turns to another killer for protection.1992
Somebody is killing graffiti writers. And the Deaf Man plans a multi-million dollar heist.1993
On Christmas Eve, a kid steals a sheep and two guys fight over a sack of frankincense.1994
A hit play's leading lady is attacked twice. The second one is deadly.1995
A veteran of the venerable 87th investigates the death of a concert pianist.1997
The Cookie Boy leaves a box of his home-made cookies at the scene of each score.1999
Police informer Danny Gimp is gunned down before Carella's eyes.2000
Cassandra Lee Ridley's body is tossed into a lion's cage.2001
Fat Ollie's life's work is his novel. His one and only manuscript is stolen from his car.2002
Halfway through her performance, masked men drag Tamar Valparaiso off the stage.2004
This time, the Deaf Man teases the detectives with anagrams and Shakespearean quotes.2004
This serial killer shoots his victims, who can't seemingly be more different.2005

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