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beast-like, beastly, brutal
a sudden outburst, spasm
a pretentious display of knowledge
to cancel or reverse an order
the act of traveling
fragrant, smelling strongly
shining, radiant
a commonplace saying, truism
to cast overboard
beginner, novice
not stopping, maintain steadily
to swing indecisively
festive, sociable
to calm or pacify
harshly abusive, severely scolding
a circle of acquaintances
a person or thing closely resembling another
to object or take objection to
shameless boldness
to decorate and adorn
lasting only a short time
done slyly or stealthily
glaring, tastelessly showy
misleading, deceptive
to soak thoroughly
needy, impoverished
far too great, excessive
a person who hates people
very persistent, hard to get rid of
of little value or importance
clothing, garments
a shout of welcome
thorough-going, out and out
light and playful conversation
to overcome the distrust of
one series of grades in an organization
stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied way
impossible to disprove
a massive or inescapable force
lacking spirit or interest
a prayer consisting of short appeals to God
grizzly, gruesome, horrible
appropriate, well-chosen
an inadequate quantity
to tear down, destroy completely
to indicate beforehand, foreshadow
withdraw a statement or belief, renounce
a gloomy or surly disposition
to assert without proof or conformation
to cast off, discard
characteristic of the countryside
to slander, to accuse falsely
to make more violent
extremely cautious, hesitant
a secret agreement or cooperation
a dabbler in the arts
not easily excited
an enlargement, increase
an authoritative command
trifling, insignificant

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