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Can you name the words that end with the letters 'ism'?

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Principle of unrestricted power by an individual in governmentA
Initiation Sacrament of Christian ChruchB
Symbiotic relationship where one benefits and other is not harmed C
Belief that God created world, but let people shape itD
Substituting an expression to be mild rather than harsh E
Art style translating to 'wild beast', led by Henri MatisseF
Oriented growth with respect to the force of gravityG
Philosophy where people's values and interests are praised H
Extension of Empire, e.g. European Race for AfricaI
Religion founded in 6th century BC against Hinduism J
Philosophy of 18th century thinker Immanuel K
Social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual and parliamentary systems of governmentL
Policy of maintaining strong army forcesM
The denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth, must be exhausting N
Form of life that contains many vital parts that work togetherO
Devoted love to one's nationP
The doctrine of royal prerogative or supremacyR
Philosophical school where doubt and suspicion dominate S
Ancient Chinese philsopher Laozi founded this religionT
19th century philosophy led by John Stuart MillU
Practice of the exclusion of consuming animal productsV
Attitude of support for helping of the poorW
Practice of northern customs throughout American history Y
Movement of Jewish people to establish Israel Z

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