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Can you name the words that begin and end with the letter 'E'?

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Luxury sport utility vehicle from Cadillac
Muslim ruled political territory
Galactic faction from the Star Wars universe
To break loose from confinement, in 1963 Steve McQueen and James Garner had a great one of these
The best of the best; come late March college basketball is down to eight
Band that performed 'The Final Countdown'
Compound C2H6
Turanga Leela only has one of these
Suitable for consumption
To fraudulently appropriate an asset for one's own use
To remove a layer of skin
Biblical wife of Adam or 'Gangsta Lovin' rapper
A sword used for dueling in fencing
A sharpened side as in a blade or the guitarist from U2
The common name of Captain Kirk's spaceship in Star Trek
Knowledge gained from what one has observed or undergone or a Jimi Hendrix band

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