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Forced Order
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Opening LyricsSong TitleAlbum
We are fire inside; we are lipstick and cleats; we are not goin' home and we are playin' for keepsBeauty From Pain 1.1
This is my brand new day starting now, I let go of the things that drag me downBeauty From Pain 1.1
Maybe he'll change; maybe things'll get better; maybe it would be nice, if he didn't always put you downBeauty From Pain 1.1
There's a cross, on the side of the road, where a mother lost her son; how could she know?Beauty From Pain 1.1
I wear a diguise, I'm just your average Jane; the Super doesn't stand for Model, but that doesn't mean I'm plainBeauty From Pain 1.1
The saddest thing is you could be anything, that you could want; we could've been everything, but now we're not, now it's not anything at allBeauty From Pain 1.1
She never slows down; she doesn't know why, but she knows that when she's, all alone, feels like it's all, coming downBeauty From Pain 1.1
I told another lie today, and I got through this day; no one saw through my gamesBeauty From Pain 1.1
It all comes down to this; you take your best shot; might miss, you take it anyway, you're gonna make your move todayBeauty From Pain 1.1
She feels lost in her own life; treading water just to keep from slipping under, and she wonders if she's where she's supposed to beBeauty From Pain 1.1
The lights go out all around me; one last candle to keep out the night, and then the darkness surrounds me; I know I'm alive but I feel like I've diedBeauty From Pain 1.1
Cause (title), could be, the mini me, for the rest of societyLast One Picked
You're bored; gotta wonder if there's more; waiting for the the dream like you thought you had in storeLast One Picked
No one sits with him; he doesn't fit in; but we feel like we do when we make fun of him; cause you want to belong; do you go along? Cause his pain is the price paid for you to beloLast One Picked
Opening LyricsSong TitleAlbum
You're building a case against me; prosecuter, judge, and jury; we've had this conversation in your head, because I wasn't there, you made up what I saidLast One Picked
I'm not afraid to fall; it means I've climbed up high, to fall is not to fail, you fail when you don't tryRegeneration
We met these sisters; Barlow's their last name; ordinary girls, they don't live in the fast laneRegeneration
Livin' in this nightmare; destroyin' my dreams, hauntin' to myself; what regret keeps huntin'Regeneration
Cross, through the night, I looked down and lost my way, my light; Reinvention
This one's for the beaten down; the ones who lost their rock 'n rollRock What You Got
Don't bury me I'm not yet dead, don't bury me I'm not yet dead; don't bury me I'm not yet dead; not a walking zombie with no headRock What You Got
Some people you can never please; you might as well just let them be, they mark everything not their own, from their imaginary throneRock What You Got
Tell me that it's gonna be ok; tell me that you'll help me find my way; tell me that you can see the light of dawn, is breakingRock What You Got
Please tell me, you'll fight this fight; I can't see, without your lightRock What You Got
We are a thousand voices strong; we are each girl who sings this song; we are a beauty that's our own; we are, and we are, (title)Rock What You Got
Follow the leader; stay in the lines; what will people think of what you've done this time? Go with the crowd; surely somebody knows; why we're all wearing the emporer's clothesRock What You Got
It feels like I have lost this fight; they think that I am staying down; but I'm not giving up tonight, tonight the wall is coming downRock What You Got
How long, will this take? How much can I go through? My heart, my soul aches, I don't know what to doRock What You Got

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