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Amino acid substituted for glutamic acid in HbC
...has the same charge as this amino acid. used mainly in the production of NO and... modified into its excreted form by the same flora that produce this gamma-carboxylase cofactor... soluble in...
...cells produce this energy modulating hormone. released in the same state (fed vs starved) that this hormone is also released in... released from a cascade that begins with the closure of this channel. stores are decreased but serum levels are paradoxically increased in... more commonly associated with which type of diabetes?
...the OTHER type shares a syndrome of protein deposition that is also found in this dementia-causing disease
...a person under 40 with the above disease most commonly also has a diagnosis of...
ClueAnswer also commonly associated with this GI malformation...
...occurs when neural crests fail to migrate through the colon, a process usually complete by week___...
...Vitamin B(previous answer) deficiency can be caused by this organism... in the same class of helminths as this organism that clinically presents with multiple liver cysts...
...if treated can result in an anaphylactic reaction similar to the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction classically seen with treatment of... classically treated with...
...has a toxicity other than hypersensitivity that is...
...can occur in patients with G6PD deficiency who take this drug to treat TB... also associated with a toxicity that mimics this autoimmune condition...
...when drug-induced, consists of antibodies against...
...are able to bind DNA due to the positive charge these amino acids...

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