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Can you answer these obscure questions about JRPGs?

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What Squaresoft fighting-game features Final Fantasy VII characters.
Xenogears has a secret vocal version of 'Star of Tears.' Which game's 'Making of' CD can you use to access it?
Which famous Japanese singer claims that Squall Leonhart (FFVIII) is modeled after him?
What early JRPG is there a character named after the founder of Anthroposophy?
In the preview for Xenogears packaged with Parasite Eve, who joins Fei for battles?
What Xenogears characters share middle and last names with Edgar and Sabin from FFVI?
Which Chinese classic is Suikoden loosely based on?
On what add-on to the Super Famicon was Radical Dreamers, the first sequel to Chrono Trigger, first released?
The voice actor for Ryudo, the main character from Grandia II, also voiced which 80s cartoon hero?
Final Fantasy Legend on GameBoy was originally a part of what RPG series?
Which end boss from a different game appears as the Thunder Dragon in SaGa Frontier
What strange creatures that appear as small, black figures appear in Secret of Mana, Legend of Mana, and Final Fantasy Adventure?
What ability can you use to get 255 of most items in FFVI?
Who sings the opening to Thousand Arms?
In Final Fantasy VI, if you manage to skip recruiting Celes, who do you get instead?

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