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Can you name the films described by these fantastic 'What If' scenarios?

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What if...FilmStar
a teen pretended to be sick in order to miss school?Matthew Broderick
a teenage girl fell in love with a teenage vampire?Kristen Stewart
close friends developed a 'friends with benefits' relationship?Natalie Portman
a deceitful lawyer was forced to be completely truthful for 24 hours?Jim Carrey
acquaintances developed a 'no strings attached' relationship?Justin Timberlake
three scientists opened up a business for catching spirits?Bill Murray
a teen got a job at a shady carnival the summer before college?Jesse Eisenberg
a Brooklyn tough guy became his kinsman's criminal attorney?Joe Pesci
a lawyer re-examined his life after gettin amnesia?Harrison Ford
a poor boy performed well on a popular game show?Dev Patel
a white attorney allowed a black convict to stay with him and his kids?Steve Martin
What if...FilmStar
a computer whiz created a communicating website which got him billions?Jesse Eisenberg
a man was born old and aged in reverse?Brad Pitt
an overprotective father took an unjustified dislike to his daughter's boyfriend?Robert Deniro
an actor dressed as an old woman to be his children's nanny?Robin Williams
a federal agent changed his appearance to a terrorist and vice versa?John Travolta
a woman starting seeing her ex-husband at the same time as another man?Meryl Streep
a secretary posed as an executive when her boss breaks a leg?Melanie Griffith
a demanding magazine editor hired an unstylish college grad?Meryl Streep
a skinny man and a fat man traveled together to get home for Thanksgiving?Steve Martin
a Navy Seal agreed to watch over five troubled children?Vin Diesel

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