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Can you name the films described by these fantastic 'What If' scenarios?

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What if...FilmStar
a clumsy FBI agent went undercover as a contestant in a beauty pageant?Sandra Bullock
a fat man and a skinny man tried selling car parts across the country to save the company?Chris Farley
an animated TV character and his friends came to life?Kenan Thompson
a high school teen lost her way when she fell in with the popular female clique?Lindsay Lohan
a doctor wrongly accused of murdering his wife escaped and tried to find her real killer?Harrison Ford
a mob boss passed down the reigns of his business to his reluctant son?Marlon Brando
a TV channel programmer became obsessed with the life of an architect?Jim Carrey
aliens invaded Earth and destroyed humans' national landmarks?Will Smith
a cafe owner was reluctant to help his former lover and her husband escape the Nazis?Humphrey Bogart
a pizza boy were forced to rob a bank when a bomb were strapped to his chest?Jesse Eisenberg
a cheerleading captain were forced to change her squad's routines when she discovered that they were stolen from another squad?Kirsten Dunst
What if...FilmStar
a small group tried to make their way through an America now populated by the undead?Jesse Eisenberg
a loan officer tried to make his life more positive by avoiding no answers to any requests?Jim Carrey
an FBI agent went undercover as a robbery suspect's grandmother?Martin Lawrence
a teen guy tried to win over a teen girl so that another guy could win over her sister?Heath Ledger
a man targeted his son's kidnappers by threatening to hire someone to kill them?Mel Gibson
secret government agents were assigned to prevent an alien from causing the destruction of Earth?Tommy Lee Jones
a teen girl learned how to dance and fell in love with her partner?Patrick Swayze
an overweight security guard took on robbers inside a shopping complex?Kevin James
a teen girl played matchmaker for others around her and then tried to find a suitor of her own?Alicia Silverstone
a newspaper owner disregarded his friends and loved ones in favor of success and power?Orson Welles

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