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Can you name the films described by these fantastic 'What If' scenarios?

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What if...FilmStar
army action figures waged a war against peaceful creature action figures and humans?Kirsten Dunst
a bitter man met himself when he was a seven-year-old boy?Bruce Willis
a girl's boyfriend discovered that he is a reincarnation of her mother's late husband?Robert Downey Jr.
a masked killer targeted victims with a knife and horror movie trivia?Neve Campbell
an amnesiac discovered that he used to be a government assassin?Matt Damon
what happened in a board game affected real life (space-themed, not jungle-themed)?Josh Hutcherson
a writer was rescued after a car accident and imprisoned by a crazed fan?James Caan
a girl was forced into an event in which she would fight to the death with 23 other kids?Jennifer Lawrence
a farmboy joined the rebellion fight against an oppressive intergallactic government?Mark Hamill
a sword-wielding scoundrel helped a blacksmith try to save his beloved damsel?Johnny Depp
a veteran Secret Service agent was taunted by a psycho plotting to kill the President?Clint Eastwood
What if...FilmStar
a pregnant police chief searched for murderous thugs from a car salesman's botched kidnapping plan?Frances McDormand
a man lived in a world where everyone told the truth and one day developed the ability to fib?Ricky Gervais
a married attorney took a lover and the affair which went horribly wrong?Michael Douglas
the President took on terrorists who hijacked his plane?Harrison Ford
fast food workers took on a vicious rival restaurant?Kel Mitchell
two slackers did their own basic cable TV show in a basement?Mike Myers
the host of a satirical news show was mistakenly elected President?Robin Williams
a New York cop took on terrorists in an LA skyscraper on Christmas Eve?Bruce Willis
twin sisters met for the first time and tried to reunite their divorced parents?Lindsay Lohan
a man pondered whether he was an actual secret agent on Mars or not?Arnold Schwarzenegger

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