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Can you name the films described by these fantastic 'What If' scenarios?

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What if...FilmStar
a therapist helped a rising monarch try to lose his stutter?Colin Firth
a pregnant teen tried to find a couple to adopt her unborn child?Ellen Page
a great ship was flooded and sunk after striking an iceberg?Leonardo DiCaprio
four teens planned to lose their virginity before or during prom night?Jason Biggs
a paraplegic used an alien outlet to walk again and fell in with an alien tribe?Sam Worthington
a former secret agent set out to rescue his daughter from a sex slave trade ring?Liam Neeson
a teen believed that his next door neighbor was a serial killer?Shia LaBeouf
a recently deceased man used a psychic to get through to his lover?Patrick Swayze
three men lost their memories (and the groom) the night before his wedding at his bachelor party?Bradley Cooper
a cowboy doll and a spaceman action figure gradually became friends despite their differences?Tom Hanks (voice)
an FBI trainee persuaded an imprisoned serial killer to give her information on a new one?Jodie Foster
What if...FilmStar
a man slowly discovers that his entire life is documented and fabricated as a TV show?Jim Carrey
a depressed man spoke through a stuffed puppet in order to cope?Mel Gibson
a bumbling secret agent and his beautiful, competent partner battled terrorists?Steve Carrell
a secret super agent pretended to be a computer salesman for his wife and daughter?Arnold Schwarzenegger
an orphan attended a special school to become a wizard?Daniel Radcliffe
a prince transformed into a monster and to break the spell tried to win the affections of a lovely woman?Paige O' Hara (voice)
an aged balloon salesman flew away with his house?Ed Asner (voice)
a cop tried to stop a bus rigged with a bomb from going under 50 MPH?Keanu Reeves
alien robots on separate sides fought their war on Earth?Shia LaBeouf
a group of WWII soldiers set out to rescue the brother of two deceased soldiers?Tom Hanks

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