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Title, Plot DescriptionMovieYear
Four word phrase that means 'now everybody's gonna know,' refers to main setting, involves searching for money buried in a basement1992
Refers to setting of climax (vacation spot),two words, movie is a thriller about an obsessed stalker1962, 1991
Refers to the Police division investigating, the city setting, and the crime being investigated (murder), two words2003
One word, refers to the things that the main characters have to create each day, plural noun2003
One word, refers to both the title character (the title character of a series of books) and the emotional feeling of the movie's protagonist, revolves around a kidnapping victim1990
One word, refers to the velocity in which the characters are traveling, have to go fast to avoid being blown up1994
One word, refers to female title character, teenager, mistreated, has destructive mind powers1976
Three words, refers to main character, involves him learning self-defense to use against bullies1984
Title, Plot DescriptionMovieYear
One word, refers to a status in whether a college wants a student to attend it2006
Three words, shares its name with song, refers to the friendship of the four main characters1986
Three words, refers to title character (preteen girl who likes to eavesdrop on people)1996
Two words, refers to the scary idea that a defense attorney gets in their head about their client possibly being guilty1996
Three words, refers to the title characters and the fact that they are in a motion picture instead of their TV show, babies who can talk1998
One word, refers to title character, based on book series, french girl living at a boarding school in Paris1998
Four words, refers to the desire of the main character, movie about time travel1985
Four words, refers to a complete story, possibly to the distance between a dentist and the hit man next door2000

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