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CharacterMovieActor (Year)
Chris HargensenNancy Allen (1976)
Katharine ParkerSigourney Weaver (1988)
Prof. James MoriartyJared Harris (2011)
Col. Hans LandaChristoph Waltz (2009)
Antoine SartainIsaiah Washington (2003)
Anton ChigurhJavier Bardem (2007)
Miranda PriestleyMeryl Streep (2006)
Daniel PlainviewDaniel Day-Lewis (2007)
Tom ChaneyJosh Brolin (2010)
Hilly HolbrookBryce Dallas Howard (2011)
CharacterMovieActor (Year)
Jackson RippnerCillian Murphy (2005)
Mitch LearyJohn Malkovich (1993)
Dylan GouldPatrick Dempsey (2011)
Carl Showalter and Gaear GrimsrudSteve Buscemi and Peter Stormare (1996)
Mason VergerGary Oldman (2001)
Bob EwellJames Anderson (1962)
Max CadyRobert Deniro (1991)
Ed RooneyJeffrey Jones (1987)
Col. William E. KurtzMarlon Brando (1979)
George HarveyStanley Tucci (2009)

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