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Frank Scanlon is struck by half of a car which drives out of a skyscraper's top floor and either the impact of the fall or the weight of the car on top of him causes deathThe Green Hornet
Bodhi falls off of surfboard as he unsuccessfully attempts to ride a giant hundred foot wavePoint Break
Frank D'Amico flies out of a window and blows up in midair after being shot with a bazooka missileKick-Ass
Antoine Sartain is accidently dropped off the roof of a building and lands into an empty dumpsterHollywood Homicide
Koobus Venter is torn apart by the aliens that he once terrorizedDistrict 9
Terry Glass is struck down by a police cruiserThe Glass House
Mars Krupcheck drops wine bomb down on the floor next to him and burns to death in the fireHostage
Bill Cox is stabbed in the back with a pick axFirewall
Tom Chaney is shot in the chest with an old-fashioned gun and plummets off the edge of a cliffTrue Grit
Pete Davis is shot multiple times as an alternate to a 'citizen's arrest'Unlawful Entry
Agamemnon is stabbed in the neck with a concealed daggerTroy
Raoul is shot in the back of the head with his own gunPanic Room
Russell Haden is blown away into the cold Antarctica when his harness comes undoneWhiteout
Salim Abu Aziz is hanging from a missile that blows up his men's helicopter when it is 'fired' from a HarrierTrue Lies

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