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Can you name the floriculture CDE terms in alphabetical order?

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A) Part of the stamen that contains pollen
B) A fungus that causes brown spots on flower petals
C) Flowers worn by women
D) Watering plants until water runs out the bottom of the pot
E) The skin of a leaf
F) Cultivation of ornamental flowering plants
G) The various weights and diameters of florist wire
H) A substance which destroys weeds
I) The brightness or dullness of flower color
J) A decorative container used to hold flowers
K) The scientific name for Klanchoe
L) A natural rock used to reduce soil acidity
M) A plant having only one cotyledon or seed leaf
N) The swollen part of the stem where leaves and buds are generally attached
O) Spongelike material used as a base for flower arrangements
P) A plant that grows year after year without replanting
Q) Any of numerous particles in a chloroplast
R) A fungal problem in which roots are damaged with brown or black tips
S) The Latin name of a plant giving its genus and species
T) Loss of water through leaves or stems of plants
U) Achieved when all parts of a design suggest oneness in idea
V) A material with a neutral pH used to increase moisture-holding capacity in media
W) Tiny yellowish insects with white wings that cause damage by sucking juices from plants
X) Conducting tissue that transports water and nutrients from roots to stem and leaves
Y) One of the three primary colors on the colorwheel
Z) The common name for Zinnia elegans

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