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Works at Planet Express
Mom's son
Owns Western Hemisphere of Mars
Tentacled Universeal Being
'What The Hell is Kwanzaa?'
'I used to be a cute blond girl named...'
4th Liutenant of The Nimbus
Works at head museum
Living Gargoyle
Headless Vice President
Captain of The Nimbus
Ultimate Robot fighter
Smoking Robot
Retired chef, enemy of Elzar
Pet at Planet Express
Star Trek Actor
Son of Hubert
Religious Robot
Police Officer
Mom's son
Owns Planet Express
'Everybody loves...'
Blurnsball player
Bender Look-a-like
Fry's ex
Owner of Momcorp
Member of Robot Mafia
Leader of the Mad-Fellows
Drummer, played at Bend-aid
Whitecollar Worker
Martial Arts Master
Works at Planet Express
Hubert's Enemy
Star Trek Actor
Head of Robot Mafia's Wife
Wife of Hermes
Shape-shifting jerk
'Surgery in an opera!? How wonderfully decadent'
Lives in The Cave of Hopelessness
Lives in Canadian Woods
Robot car salesman
Robot with weight issues
Famous head, ex president
Star on All My Circuits
Star Trek Actor
TV Anchor
The Party Worm
Head of Robot Mafia
Orphan Robot
Member of Robot Mafia
Owns Western Hemisphere of Mars
Mutated Band
Mom's son
Chief Justice of Supreme Court
Works at Planet Express
Star Trek Fan
Works at Planet Express
Works at Planet Express
Professor of Physics at Globetrotter U
Ruler of Omicron Persei 8
President of Earth
Green jelly monster
Dispenses hair
Works at Planet Express
Famous head, baywatch
Robot That Lives on Moon
Owner of fast food chain
Wife of The Ruler of Omicron Persei 8
'You've Been Very Naughty'
Intern at Planet Express
Famous head, actress
Owner of Pizza Restaurant in the 20th century
Insane Robot
Police Officer
TV Anchor
Robot Bartender on Titanic
Orangutang Professor
Son of Hermes
Fragile Pink aliens
Generic Homosexual Guy
First Emporer of the Moon
Naked Alien
Famous head, creator of The Simpsons
'Alright, now stop, hammertime'
Mascot on Moon
Famous head, boxing commentator
World Limbo Champion
Owner of the Cookieville Orphanarium
Sings with Bender
Hat wearing monkey
Controls Hell

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