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just call my name ill be there in a hurry.... (5)
straight up now tell me is it gonna be me and you together... (6)
trying to be perfect trying not to let you down honesty is honestly.... (7)
he knows i'm unfaithful and it kills him inside .... (10)
both hands tied behind my back for nothing... (10)
i heard you're doing okay but i want you to know... (4)
cuz i'm trying trying to walk away but i know.... (5)
it's me, i'm a freak... (5)
each morning i get up i die a little.... (6)
so for you this is just a good time but for me... (6)
to make them realize this is my life.... (4)
i'm giving you all of me i want ... (2)
In spite of the way you were mocking me... (8)
now i know i messed up bad you were the .... (4)
ain't exactly what i had in mind .... (2)
we're fighting this war baby.... (5)
parlez-vous francais, konichiwa ... (6)
if i could walk on water.... (7)
i dont care bout spots on my apples... (6)
somebody hit the lights... (8)
we're hiding behind skin that too tough... (9)
i want your horror.... (4)
and i wonder if i ever cross your mind .... (7)
my girls in the next room sometimes.... (5)
a pebble in the water makes a ripple effect... (9)
once you change your name well the pieces fall.... (7)
everybody's looking for love oh oh, ain't that the reason.... (4)
im still alive but i'm barely breathing.... (10)
i miss ya i miss ya i really wanna kiss you but i cant.... (1)
they'll be the king of hearts and you're ... (4)

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