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QUIZ: Can you name the X Factor USA Season 1 Judges Homes?

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Simon Cowell (Girls)
She wants her own bathroom! 
She got rid of her last name because it was too hard to spell 
Randomly decided to reveal her accent 
Really nervous 
Singing rugby coach 
Wants to work on cars and sing. AT THE SAME TIME! 
HUGE Lips 
Forgets her lyrics. A lot. 
Paula Abdul (Groups)
He just had a baby! 
They're better than the Mini Pop kids 
Their name means something. In some language. 
Sound like they should be owning a beer company 
Bad at spelling 
Also bad at spelling 
They don't have backstory.  
Bad at punctuation 
Nicole Scherzinger (Over 30s)
Everyone made a fuss about her past fame that they never heard of before. 
Is he really 60? 
She didn't get through because she didn't have a backstory. 
Is that his real name? 
More lack of backstory! 
Britney and Christina's before picture? 
He tried to get kicked off! 
L.A. Reid (Boys)
Stop looking at his mom. That means you. 
He has enough backstory for everyone. 
Really loves his momma 
Sinatra FTW 
He's sexy and he knows it 
Wants to teach his kids to hunt. 
Sings country and is black 

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