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Can you name the X Factor Season 2 Top 24?

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L.A. Reid's Over 25's
Eventual Winner, Country Singer, and Overall Nice Guy 
Head Tattooed Military Supporter 
He did it for the gays and Japan! 
Tattoos Everywhere! 
Compared to Nat King Cole by the judges 
Made fun of Gene Simmon's daughter 
Britney Spears' Teens
Alien supervoice 
Has to share a bed with her mom 
Britney dressed her like a hobo many times 
He was in the group InTENsity last year 
Looks like Justin Bieber 
Was seen perform once at judges homes and was promptly eliminated 
Demi Lovato's Young Adults
Leopard Spots 
Demi shaved her head 
Sexy rock singer 
He is black and sings country 
Severely bullied in school 
Got Britney dancing to Ice, Ice Baby 
Simon Cowell's Groups
Switched their names many times 
They are not a boyband! 
Made up of three rappers 
Three country siblings 
Tried to be American One Direction 
Got put through because they needed more groups 

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