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Can you name the Starts and ends with 'O'?

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Forced Order
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HintWord beginning and ending in 'O'
A fish option for a Mainiac?
This herb is not from the U.S. State it sounds like.
Shakespeare plays a board game with Iago?
Is it Italian barley or is it pasta?
Will this special agent take out the Spanish bear?
________, Mr Bill!
A Bloom in Florida?
A hodgepodge, maybe of oils?
Christiania is better known by its original name
He led us to the Labyrinth of Solitude
Maybe Mr. Bill's favorite fish?
HintWord beginning and ending in 'O'
Cooking tools to stir the gravy?
No, it's not the art of speaking in Spanish!
What a sweet sandwich!
You better believe it's not butter!
Columbus never discovered this U.S. State
Where is Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's Helpless town?
Greek anisette for a toast. Opa!
That's what his Bengal's jersey says!
Where Enya flows in South America
Luciano's own sun?

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