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Can you name the pairs of words beginning with R?

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Hamburger chain
Oscar winning director of 'Ordinary People'
Who framed this bunny?
The Gipper
2012 Republican Presidential Ticket
Founders of Rome (___________ & _________)
An endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit
He loved Lucy
British luxury automobile make
Cut of beef
A genre of music (_______ & ___________)
Waterflow from Switzerland to the North Sea
Annual rowing event at Henley-on-Thames is one.
A pre-schooler
George Enescu composed two of these
He had the earliest confirmed case of HIV/AIDS in USA
Fictitious wealthiest kid in the world
2008 Film with Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio
Biggest hit from Michael Jackson's album, 'Got to Be There'
Leader who stirs up passions of the people
Cycling competition held on streets
Hotel chain
Negative term for common people
Name bestowed on the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry
Events chronicled in Warren Beatty's film, 'Reds'
Cinderella Story (_________ to ___________)
Ice cream Flavor
What Rudolph is
Sports tournament where all teams play each other
Professional wrestling pay-per-view event

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