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Can you name the whether the following pairs of variables are positively or negatively correlated with each other?

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Variable 1Positively/Negatively Correlated?Variable 2
The amount of time you spend in the bathroom is...with how good you are at Angry Birds
The number of times you have lied is...with how many times your pants have been on fire.
Room temperature is...with snooze button usage.
The amount of lotion you own is...with how often you clear your internet history.
Your trench coat budget is...with the number of kids you have invited into your van.
SAT score is...with how much NASCAR you watch.
Indian food consumption is...with toilet paper usage.
Weight is...with how easy it is to hide behind a tree.
The number of milkshakes in the yard is...with the number of boys in the yard.
Age is...with susceptibility to the Bieber fever
Money is...with problems
The Cleveland Cavaliers success is...with how close Lebron's talents are to South Beach
The amount of tiger blood that courses through your veins is...with how much winning you do
Time spent playing Tony Hawk is...with your desire to grind everything.
The distance you live away from Ohio is...with your happiness level.
Peeing accuracy is...with erection size
How often you say the word football is...with how often you say the word fĂștbol.
Finger thickness is...with how difficult it is to find a bowling ball
Alcohol consumption is...with desire to call people.
The number of pages in the chapter of a textbook is...with the number of times you check to see how many pages you have left to read

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