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Math PunMath TermExplanation
Translating for the deaf
What eels use to kiss
Twins catch the ebola virus
She can't go?
Four corners of the Adriatic Sea
A spy without an s
Donkey's satchel for carrying simps
An enjoyable way to be shunned
Former proponents
The tempo of the forest
Surgical schedule
An upperclass man on a tropical vacation
Female deer's neck hair
A flat cooktop
What you do in front of a notary public
Overactive bowler with a New Jersey accent
Math PunMath TermExplanation
Between two exceptions
Untainted recently fallen tree
Noah's rainbow
Choosing a sports officiator by ballot
What I did to the e-car when I ran it into something
Paying a tax on underwear
Attempting to leave the 'Metry' nightclub
Mike Ditka's eyesight
Very long-necked animal missign an ear
Rant, rant, rant, rant!
Greeting to a kettle about to be hung
Where you say you're going to see a play in London if you're talking way too fast
Very much like Lucian
Care for a fractured U-Boat
Necklace from Indiana's capitol for x-variable
Incarcerated jug finishes a meal
Superman gets Mr. Luthor free tickets

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