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Can you name the Songs that have their own dances?

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Now hit the dance floor. Now put your back low. She do it with no hands. Now stop, pop, and roll.Dj Unk
They be like smooth can you (title)? You know why?California Swag District
Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance, Flex to the left, Throw some money out ya hands.Troop 41
Man I got that swag. My hat back to my bag. You know I'm poppin' tags, cause man I got that swag.F.L.Y.
Call me SpongeBob. Stackin Krabby Patties. B**** I go to work, do my (title)Rej3ctz
Put your right hand in. Put your right hand out. Put your right hand in, and shake it all about.Traditional
Toot that thang up mami, make it roll. Once you pop, lock it for me girl, get low.Huey
(title) stop! Pose for the frame. Then we all do the same thang.B-Hamp
You can't see it. (it's electric!) You gotta feel it. (It's electric!)Marsha Griffiths
To the left, take it back now ya'll. One hop this time. Right foot let's stop.Dj Casper
All my homies they know what I mean. Baby, let me show you how I lean.Down
Soulja Boy off in this oh. Watch me crank it, watch me roll.Soulja Boy Tell 'em
Down, down, do your dance, do your dance (we got a brand new dance)Cupid
Wahh, Wahh, Wah Wah Wah. Why you trippin' I ain't even do nothin'. Im a jerk, you ain't neva lie. New Boys
{Do the (title) x3} When I hit the dance floor. I be {Do the (title) x3}GS boys

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