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who played sarah
who played julie
why does julie say 'you'll be sorry you'll be sorry you'll be sorry you'll be sorry' for
why did sarah and julie run away
where are sarah and julie headed to
who was eddie
how much is the win-o-lotto worth
how did eddie figure out they were hiding in his truck
what does eddie say that makes the girls put their hands on their mouth and say 'uhmmmm'
what will grown ups do to make kids cooperate
eddie gets knocked out by who
what do harvey and shirley claim to be
what is one of the rules
another rule
and another rule
when shirley calls rhonda how much money does she want for giving back the children
wha is rhonda suppose to wear so shirley knows who to get the money from
how did harvey and shirley meet
1 person from full house (real name)
another person from full house
and another person from full house
how did eddie make it back before 6

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