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Name the film credited as the first gore movie.
What actor served as the inspiration being the puppet Blade in the Puppetmaster series?
What actress replaced Patricia Arquette in the fourth Nightmare on Elm Street installment?
Name one of the two films released in 2011 that both made a failed attempt to bring unrated films to wide audiences?
The Blair Witch Project premired at the 1999 Midnight Movie section of what acclaimed film festival?
What horror film's poster art was inspired by Salvador Dali's Salvador Dali In Voluptate Mors
Pinhead and his fellow demons are commonly referred to as what in the Hellraiser films?
What animal fetus did David Lynch use to create the premature baby in Eraserhead?
In the 1986 film the Hitcher character Jim Halsey was shocked to find what item in his fries?
What former Romeo and Juliet actress started in the 1974 Black Christmas?
What Igmar Bergman film inspired Wes Craven's Last House on the Left?
Who directed the critically acclaimed 2009 film House of the Devil?
Name the 2007 film about the events of unit 713 with a run time of about 4 hours.
What was the name of the lovable zombie in Day of the Dead who is also featured on the cover
What was the name of the third Stephen King adaptation Frank Darabont directed?
Name the third movie in Dario Argento's supernatural trilogy
What is the name of the pub the protagonists in American Werewolf in London visit?
Name the 1977 Tobe Hooper film featuring a young Robert Englund.
What film was rumored to have been banned in over 50 countries?
Name the 1987 slasher flick featuring a young George Clooney.
Name the film which originally ended with the female protagonist committing suicide via helicopter blades.
What 1990 thriller inspired films such as Silent Hill and the remake of House on a Haunted Hill?
Name the 1981 film many consider a 'tongue and cheek' version of Cannibal Holocaust.
What 1973 film featuring Donald Sutherland has the tagline 'A Psychic Thriller'
Prince of Darkness, In the Mouth of Madness, and the Thing are apart of a trilogy John Carpenter calls what?

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