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Real Name
Alternate Rapper Name
City of Origin
Age (as of April 10, 2017)
Year he started rapping as Lil Yachty
First Viral Song
First Mixtape/Album
'Cause it get cold like _________'
'I'm a real young **** from the six throwin 'bows'
'My hair be red like a cherry'
Lil Boat and Lil Yachty in the same song
'Bitch go to sleep she gone see me in her dreams'
'Stunt or get stunted on, young **** never get fronted on'
'Stop all that flexin' song ft 4 other rappers
'Bitch I'm the realist you ever seen'
Song with K$Supreme with low piano beat
'Asian lil hoe, she ride that dick, Yokohama flow'
'You damn right I'm right, I can't remember a time I was god damn wrong'
'If one more old ass **** say somethin bout 2Pac or Biggie I might lose my sanity (Lili Boat!'
'I ____ ____ _ ___, whoa, so don't try to stop me'
Brand he featured in a commercial with Lebron James for
Presidential Candidate he supported in the 2016 election
Birth Day
Modeled at this person's show in 2016
Only Platinum Song

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