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Town that Butters thinks smells like doo-dooA
Her boobs destroy societyB
Gang that Timmy and Jimmy joinC
The son of the DevilD
Ms. Garrison hires an assassin to destroy thisE
Boy band created by the boysF
Profesor Chaos' partner in crimeG
Has a snuke in her snizzH
A taco that crapsI
Prehistoric creature the boys discovered while camping at Stark's PondJ
Who has a groovy pirate ghost mysteryK
They inhabit Angelina Jolie's pubic hairL
Name of the giant metal monster with a huge noseM
Group Cartman joins to meet older menN
The Allied Athiest Alliance is composed ofO
Step 3 of the underpant gnomesP
These people are really Crab PeopleQ
He is filled with gooR
Flavor of Schnapps keeping the Civil War goingS
Sent to Juvy for burning his pre-school teacherT
The giant doucheU
These appear all over Stan's body while protecting baby cowsV
They rape Kurt RussellW
Nanny Stella tries to bogart this from CartmanX
Game used to decide battles of social networkingY
Kenny is killed by the Mir Spacestation and becomes a Z

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