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1989No no no, I am not some French gent, I am some *Belgian* gent.
1989The thing, Hastings? You think Poirot concerns himself with mere thingness?
1989Hastings, the train has one advantage over the car. It does not often run out of coal.
1989Cricket. The English enigma. I know not of any other game where even the players are unsure of the rules.
1989Birds do not run, Hastings.
1989(Doorman:) Captain Hastings has gone off shooting things, and the secretary has gone off to visit her sister in Folkestone.
1989But I can assure you, behind my madness is, as you English say... method.
1989I will take a promenade in the garden before turning in. It will clear my brain.
1989Films are very boring, Hastings, but the actors who are paid to deceive us, now, they are interesting, hein.
1989(Newsreader:) British pies are famous the world over, and last year Farley's Foods produced five million of 'em.
1990I cannot eat these eggs. They are of totally different sizes.
1990The criminals, they fear Hercule Poirot so much that they have repented of their naughty ways and have become citizens of the most upright.
1990It is a point of principle that I always keep my balance at four hundred and forty-four pounds, four shillings and four pence.
1990Look after the liver and life will take care of itself.
1990I was talking to the parrot.
1990No no no, mon ami. I am nothing. I have nothing. Poirot is finished.
1990The American crime buster, hm?
1990(Sir:) You don't seem to realize, Poirot, this is a national emergency. I do not intend to sleep until the Prime Minister is found!
1990Marie Marvelle is the greatest film star Belgium has ever produced. (Hastings:) I should think she's the *only* film star Belgium's ever produced.
1990It is believed that when this flower is open, it is a sign of a proplonged spell of fine weather. It is seldom seen open in this country.
1991(Japp:) Well, at least she came quietly. There's a nice, tidy end to the whole business. (Poirot:) I do not think so, Chief Inspector.
1991Hastings, it is twenty years ago that I came to this country in a boat across the channel. And still I am not recovered.
1991(Paperman:) She just kept going on and on until she nearly missed her train.
1991The open air, it should be closed during the summer! Captain Hastings, he wonders why I have a hatred for these crawling, buzzing things. And the reason is they're always trying to kill me!
First broadcast (year)EpisodeQuote
1991One hundred and twenty-five miles, Hastings, we come on a wild gooseberry hunt.
1991One can always tell when the summer, it is arrived. ... Hastings, it is in the speed of your driving!
1991I shall be the most humble person in the world. No one will match Hercule Poirot for his humbility
1991I, Hercule Poirot, whose business it is to know everything.
1991Look at this place: people dance, they laugh. But anywhere there may be evil beneath the mask.
1991Chief Inspector Japp is truly most amusing, do you not think, Hastings? ... For a policeman.
1992(Japp:) I don't suppose it means anything but an old woman who kept a tobacco and newspaper shop in Andover was battered to death last night.
1992(from the book:) 'Mon ami,' said Poirot with dignity, 'when I commit a murder it will not be with the arrow poison of the South American Indians.'
1992Mr. Blunt, you talk of the continued peace of the nation. Oh, yes, that is right, but Poirot is not concerned with nations. Poirot is always concerned with private individuals who have the right not to have taken from them their lives.
1993(Newsreader:) No doubt there will be rivalry between Doctor Fosswell of the British Museum and Doctor Schneider of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, but keep it friendly, eh, chaps.
1993(Miss Lemon:) A hole in one, Captain Hastings, a hole in one.
1993The English they do not have a cuisine, my friend, they have only the food. ... And the day the English create their own wines is the day I return home to Belgium.
1993What good are many friends, mon ami, when you have one bad enemy?
1993(Japp:) Well, well, well. I managed to get here before you this time, Poirot. (Poirot:) No, no, not at all, Chief Inspector, I've just been upstairs interviewing the chef.
1993I remember that it was not I who made the mistakes in that case; it was everyone else.
1993(Auctioneer:) Ladies and gentlemen, lot 22. An Esker Brant wrought iron mirror and console table.
1993It is no use! Not to take this case is for Poirot more hard work than to take it!
1995Chief Inspector, you have been thinking again. I have warned you of this before.
1995(Japp:) These psychologists, most of them are barmy themselves.
1996You may keep your pipe but from this moment each time you light it you'll think of Hercule Poirot?
1996In my book, as you say, monsieur, everyone is a suspect.
2000Although to the casual observer, Kings Abbott is a friendly place, everything is not as it seems.
2000Do not be anxious, madam. All will be arranged. You have my word.
2001It is romantic, yes. It is peaceful. The sun shines, the sea it is blue.
First broadcast (year)EpisodeQuote
2001Mr. Coleman, I myself have aged ten years since entering this auto mobile.
2003Human nature has an infinite capacity to surprise.
2003I am, as you say, bored to the tears.
2004Do not open your heart to evil, mademoiselle. If you do there will be no turning back.
2004Go, my child. Your place is with the living. I will remain here with the dead.
2005(Lady:) I was in bed all night. If you seek corroboration, interrogate my pillow.
2005So, we have played, and Hercule Poirot, he has won.
2006The journey of life... it can be hard for those of us who travel alone, Mademoiselle.
2006If God should withhold his mercy from anyone on earth, Monsieur, it surely will be you.
2008These are not artists or bohemians. No, very nice people live in Broadhinny. They tell to me so themselves.
2008Hopes, dreams, fears, secrets. This place: so full of the promise of youth, the future of the nation. And yet, how lonely and silent are it's corridors at night. Lonely and silent as the chambers of the heart.
2008The fact that I discovered nothing means there is a great deal being concealed.
2008You see, mon ami, the voices of the little gray cells have begun to sing to Poirot.
2009(Lieutenant:) This murder gets more complicated by the minute. (Poirot:) Mais oui. Which can only mean one thing, mon ami. The solution, it must be very simple.
2010(Miss:) If anyone could have drunk the poison cocktail... golly, it could have been me! (Poirot:) And there is a possibility even more terrible, Mademoiselle... it could have been me.
2010Old sins cast long shadows, Madame.
2010(Mr:) Porot, we are in Yugoslavia. Hmmnn? This is not a good place to have a problem! This is the backside of Europe! This is the Wild West!
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