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The title says it all! Note: for the 'Q' and 'Z' question, just insert a dash '-' as the answer. kay, guys?

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HintAnswerExtra Info
Sunny's specialitySunny is the queen of it in GG
Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun sang thisIt was recorded on March 2008
Jessica hates thisShe's aso has an allergy towards it
Hyoyeon's nicknameHyoyeon specialize at popping, locking and hip-hop
Sooyoung's hobbyThat's why one of her nickname is 'Shikshin'
Jessica's sister' groupHer sister's name is Krystal
Seohyun's favourite foodIt means sweet potato
Taeyeon's little sisterShe also has older brother named Jiwoong
Saranghae neol ineukkim idaero~It's one of GG's oldest songs
Taeyeon came from.... It's the capital city of North Jeolla
Yuri's nicknameIt is a more playful side of Yuri
Tiffany's brotherTiffany also has an older sister named Michelle
Taeyeon's favourite songThe song is recorded on album called 'Gi
HintAnswerExtra Info
Jessica and Park Myungsoo' duetIt means cold noodle
Cheerleaders and pom-pomsAt the end of the MV, there is a little teaser for 'Run Devil Run'
GG's lightstick colourWhen all the lightstick that being held by the SONEs are gathered together, it's called 'Pink Ocean'
Seohyun always wakes up early to... Seohyun likes to read self-improvement books
Tiffany and Jessica was born in... Tiffany and Jessica also borned at the same hospital
Sowoneul MalhaebwaThe song is also called 'Genie'
Taeyeon's soloThe song is recorded on Taeyeon's first solo album, 'I'
IntelIt's created promote Intel Core and has robotic dances on the MV
HimnaeThe MV shows GG's behind the scenes activity
ABCYuri and Seohyun write the lyric of this song
Seohyun's partner in WGMThey are called YongSeo/Goguma Couple
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